This is our opportunity to visit with you in an attempt to determine and understand some of your needs. The style of sale is important and can be determined during our consultation. Do you have a large open environment that is conducive to an auction, or is your location smaller and more intimate, lending itself more to a private tag sale. Do you have several large or expensive antiques ..or is your estate comprised more of household and personal items. Is time of the essence for your family, or do you have unlimited time in order for us to plan and prepare. Would this sale be the result of the passing of a loved one, or a downsizing for an elderly family member, or simply in preparation for a move?

All of these things and more are discussed during a consultation with agreement and a plan of action being the goal. A consultation will give you and Big Bend Estate Services the opportunity to meet and discuss our thinking and plans to hold a successful and efficient estate sale on your behalf. At this time details can be decided and agreed upon that will enable us to accomplish your goals in a timely and efficient manner, bringing this stressful time in your lives to a close.

There is no cost for a consultation so please call and schedule one at your convenience.