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We have been conducting auctions and estate sales since 1993 and are honored to offer our services to you.

On site estate sales and auctions are efficient and profitable ways to sell everything from household items, automobiles, antiques, collections, together with everything in between. From everyday use and household items to high end antiques, personal collectables, and even the strange and unusual, we are equipped to handle it all. Off-site sales are no problem with many venues to choose from.

Big Bend Estate Services has the expertise, skills, and knowledge necessary to make your sale run smoothly and successfully. We are excellent at what we do. In fact, we are so sure of the success of your sale that we do not even require a minimum guarantee like so many of the other companies do. Big Bend Estate Services specializes in handling on-site and off-site estate sales and auctions in the entire Big Bend area of Florida, from Lake City on the east to Marianna on the west and from the gulf to include South Georgia on the north. If you are thinking about having an estate sale within 150 miles of Tallahassee, please give us a call.

Big Bend Estate Services works closely with seniors and their adult children, homeowners, estate executors, and trustees to evaluate, sell, and completely, quickly, and profitably clear out the contents of the family home, leaving it ready for the services of a Realtor or other professional.

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